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Welcome to our tips and news for everything to do with our beloved pets. Here you will find articles, news and events on pet grooming for dogs and cats, questions and answers on animal topics and general animal health. Subscribe to our pet news at the bottom of this page to keep up to date with Lara's Shear N Shed and the community.

What is a breed clip?

Do you have a pure breed dog and want it to look like all the photos you see of that particular breed?

Breed Clips are some of our favourite dog clips we do, because it lets us use orthodox dog breed guidelines to really enhance the dog’s appearance. We love the look of smartly trimmed dogs in their breed’s traditional haircut. Here at Lara's Shear n Shed, breed clips may be customised if you wish.

Our dog clipping services are priced by breed because the amount of time to groom varies from breed to breed. Refer to our prices and services page for more information.

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