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Meet Lara Garlick


Over 20 Years of Veterinary Nurse Experience

Lara Garlick is a qualified Vet Nurse with over 20 years experience. She has always had a deep love of all animals since she was a little kid and has made them her life - both personally and professionally. On the weekends she is a fiercely passionate and competitive camp-drafter, wrangling a team of 9 Australian stock horses and travelling the countryside with fellow animal lover and husband Pete. 

She's the girl from small town Camden, who's made her life in Orange and surrounded herself with 2 guinea pigs, 2 cats, 6 dogs and the occasional stray that may need a loving home.  She's the queen of pet grooming, whilst she juggles a farm and life on the road in pursuit of camp draft glory. She's a pocket rocket go-getter, who also loves a glass of Scotch.

Our Grooming Salon


Here at Lara's Shear 'n' Shed we are conveniently located in the grounds of Orange Veterinary Hospital,  so why not have your pets vaccinations done while you are here? The vets at Orange Veterinary Hospital are fantastic and are happy to come down to our salon and see your pet while they are being groomed. Also if we notice a skin condition, ear infection or anything else on your dog or cat, we will bring it to your attention and offer veterinary care if needed.


Where heath & wellbeing for your beloved pet means the world

Give your pet the treatment it deserves. Here at Lara's Shear 'n' Shed we love all animals: big, small, furry and bald. We know how important your pet's health and wellbeing is to you! After all, pets are more than just animals. They provide companionship and we care a lot for them. At Lara's Shear 'n' Shed, we really care about your pet and its specific needs. All of our pets in our grooming salon are treated with kindness & care.

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