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Pet Services

Professional Pet Groomers 

Our pet clipping and pet services in Orange will have your cat or dog looking and feeling great.

We pride ourselves on being great with animals. We love looking after them and pampering them. We have about a 3 hour turnaround so no need to leave your friend all day. Within half an hour of arriving your dog will be given a bath and blowdry with time taken to brush out all knots. Lara will then weave her magic with the dog clippers and scissors.


We use beautiful pet shampoos that are soap and paraben free. We have products that we can add to the shampoo like a "secret weapon" that makes the hair silky smooth and aids in getting those stubborn knots out.

dog grooming in pet salon

Why you should groom your pet 


Grooming your dog or cat is very important to the health and wellbeing of your pet. Regular treatments ensure healthy skin and paws & shiny fur. It helps avoid painful and potentially debilitating skin disorders and hairballs - which will save you a lot of money! We also offer flea treatments, nail trimming so that your pet feels, as well as looks, great.

Generally a hairy small dog breed will need a regular groom every 10-12 weeks all year round. This involves a bath and blow dry first, followed by a body clip, nails trimmed and ears cleaned. A treatment which is popular in the middle of this time is a "FFB"- face, feet, bum where they are clipped, bathed and blowdryed to get them through to the next clip. This treatment should be a puppies first visit for grooming as it is quick and gets them used to the process.

Pet Grooming Pricing Guide

groomed cavalier with bowti

Dog Clipping

Dog Clipping Prices

Please note this is a guide only

Dog grooming service includes;

clip bath blowdry nails clipped

Maltese size $70-$75

Toy/Mini Poodle $70-$75

Large Mini Poodle/Cavoodle $75-$85

Labradoodles $90-$120 

Cocker Spaniel $100

Border Collie $100

Golden Retriever $110 

German Shepherd $120-$150

Husky, Alaskan Malamute $150+

Matted dogs will be charged a surcharge on top of these prices due to the extra time it takes

Neva Masquerade Cat

Cat Clipping

Cat Grooming Prices

Please note this is a guide only 

Cat grooming service includes;

clip and nails clipped

Cats from $75

Sedation from $60

Orange Vet Hospital assists with sedation so your cat is stress free during the session

Please bring your cat along in a pet carrier for their safety

Matted coats and stripping are extra and quoted at the time of consultation 

labrador in bubble bath for grooming

Dog Bathing

Dog Washing Prices

Please note this is a guide only for dog washing and fully blowdry & fluff up. Prices relate to dog coat length, thickness, condition and animal's behaviour:

Maltese $45

Cavoodle  $50-$60

Cattle dog $50-$60

Border Collie $70-$100

Golden Retriever $80-$120

Husky, Alaskan Malamutes $150+ Quote upon consultation


Matted dog coats, dags that need clipping off and stripping of thick dog coats are extra and quoted at the time of visit

Rest assured, if your beloved pet requires any additional care or treatment, Orange Vet Hospital located next door is on hand at all times for your convenience and piece of mind.


Meet some of my regular characters


What these Pet Owners say

"Awesome pampering"

What an awesome pamper for my darling dog, Yogie Bear! She was spoilt rotten by Lara and her team in the salon. She came out looking and smelling amazing. I could hear Lara chatting away and calming my dog as she bathed and clipped her. This is the best groom she has ever had... complete with bows which was a sweet touch and lovely surprise. I love that Lara is a vet nurse too for my piece of mind. I popped into the Orange Vet Hospital next door for her vaccination afterwards which was really convenient.  Lara is a true dog grooming professional that clearly loves what she does. I could not think about going anywhere else for my grooming.


"Couldn't find a better groomer"

My Tim has been coming to Lara since a puppy, 10 years ago. Couldn't find a better dog groomer. Some people have a natural talent and no amount of practice can give you this. I have even given Lara one of our working dogs to groom to make him more comfortable. A dog who has never been pampered and a shy breed to boot. Lara was given a high recommendation from my vet, not given lightly. Lara has clipped my cat for probably longer, not an easy task ever. Lara and her staff have always been great with my animals and myself and I don't trust any of my animals very often to other people, even family. They are a part of our family and afforded the same care as any family member. I highly recommend Lara to anyone who is looking for a very professional groomer. 

"Highly recommended"

I now know why this dog groomer was highly recommended to me, my beloved German Shepherd, Zena left the salon very relaxed and happy and looking and smelling amazing! I'm a very fussy dog owner, and I'm very happy to highly recommend Lara and her team as the best dog groomer in Orange! I was so impressed with the products she used and her service was incredible. I will never go anywhere else. Do yourself and your pet a favour and take them in for a pet pamper, they will love you for it!



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