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Lara's Shear 'n' Shed

Professional Pet Grooming 

At Lara's Shear 'n' Shed, we really care about your pet and its specific needs.

For the best pet grooming services in Orange, you've come to the right place. We offer a wide range of pet services ranging from dog washing to styled dog cuts and nail clipping. We love looking after animals and getting them feeling as healthy as possible.

Our pet clipping and pet services in Orange will have your cat or dog looking and feeling great. Contact us today to book your grooming appointment.

lara garlick pet groomer and vet nurse

About Lara

Lara Garlick is a qualified Vet Nurse with over 20 years experience. She has always had a deep love of all animals since she was a little kid and has made them her life - both personally and professionally. On the weekends she is a fiercely passionate and competitive camp-drafter, wrangling a team of 9 Australian stock horses and travelling the countryside with fellow animal lover and husband Pete. 

She's the girl from small town Camden, who's made her life in Orange and surrounded herself with 2 guinea pigs, 2 cats, 6 dogs and the occasional stray that may need a loving home.  She's the queen of pet grooming, whilst she juggles a farm and life on the road in pursuit of camp draft glory. She's a pocket rocket go-getter, who also loves a glass of Scotch.

Our Services

groomed cavalier dog



Like humans, dogs require regular maintenance and check-ups. You can trust your pets are safe with us and we'll make sure that they get the very best treatment they deserve.

We offer:

Pet grooming- Dog clipping for all sizes

Dog Breed specific clips- So your Poodle looks like a poodle!

Dog washing

Dog blowdrying

Dog coat stripping

We do not sedate dogs


Cat Grooming

Professionally grooming your cat decreases the occurrence of hairballs and prevents tangles. Cat grooming also helps alert you to ticks, wounds, lumps and skin problems in your cat, so you can monitor and maintain your cat’s health effectively. Cats will groom themselves by licking, but you can help out your cat and keep their coat in top condition by contributing to their grooming routine. Your cat will be sedated by the vet so they can be groomed stress free


Health Advice

We provide expert pet health advice so that your pet isn't just left looking and smelling good on the outside. We can help with everything for your furry friend including

de-fleaing, worming, earcleaning, expressing of anal glands, nail and paw treatments, flea treatments, dental health checks

and more. We want your special pet to live it's best life with the very best care possible. Call us today to ask us about your pet

Rest assured, if your beloved pet requires any additional care or pet treatment, Orange's leading Vet Practice, Orange Veterinary Hospital located next door is on hand at all times for your convenience and piece of mind.


We Love Our Job


What Pet Owners Say

"Very Professional"

We would be one of the fussiest dog owners around and our little girl has been a client for 10 years!!!! She loves it when we say it's time to go to Lara's. This says it all really! Lara is the best dog groomer in Orange and we wouldn't send our Mia anywhere else!!!


"Great Service"

10/10 to Lara and her wonderful team. My puppies just love her - I only have to say "ready to go to Lara's?" and they can't get in the car fast enough! Lara has regularly and exclusively groomed and cared for my fur babies for over 5 years. I highly recommend her to owners who love their pets and want the very best treatment and grooming for them, in the safest possible environment. I am in awe of the fabulous job Lara does, especially the Pekinese - such intricate work, such patience and care; absolute skill. Lara is a true professional and diligent with the wellbeing and care of the animals in her charge. The premises are kept in immaculate condition. I have always found Lara and her team helpful and friendly and I wouldn't mind being pampered at Lara's Shear n Shed myself!

"Kind & Loving"

What an excellent business. We have been taking our long haired German Shepherd 'Bronte' to Lara's Shear 'n' Shed for the last 4 years. She has always come back happy and extremely well groomed. I have sometimes fought with her coat for hours trying to brush out her mop of hair with terrible results only to have Lara fixed it in a couple of hours! We will continue going to Lara.



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